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February 5, 2013

New Indigo Xtreme™ Model for the Latest AMD FX™ CPUs

The new Indigo Xtreme AMx/FMx model is specifically optimized for all the latest FX CPUs (AM3+). The advanced design builds upon the success of the Indigo Xtreme engineered thermal interface solutions and offers the following key feature/benefits:

  Lower reflow temperature – Quicker to install

  No special utilities (SpeedFan or Prime95) needed – Simpler to use

  Compatible with all FX (AM3+), FM1/2 socket APUs, and Phenom/Athlon (AM2/3) CPUs – One model fits all late model AMD CPUs

  Full metallic heat path - Highest thermal performance of any TIM available


Thank you!

The Enerdyne Team